Iain has given me incredible support through all the ups and downs of my running career. His extensive knowledge and evidence based approach to training and injury have been of immense value to me. I look forward to many more years of big achievements!

Meg Mackenzie, Professional Athlete and coach. Website

I first visited Iain after a series of unsuccessful attempts at fixing my injury, and arrived at his rooms frustrated and unable to run more than 2km without pain. After a thorough assessment, Iain pulled out his anatomy book and explained what and where the problem was, which was the first time a Physio had ever taken the time to do so. Once I understood where the problem originated from, he told me that he could relieve the symptoms, (ITB), but that to run pain free I’d have to get stuck in and strengthen the weaknesses that were causing the injury. So instead of simply releasing the tight muscles on a weekly basis and pocketing the cash, he gave me a rehab plan and instructions that would work to fix the real problem and sent me on my way. He made it clear that fixing the injury would require both of us doing work, which I really appreciated. The injury was significant so the road to recovery was long, but with intermittent visits to Iain for muscle release and hard work on rehab, several months after that first visit I was running pain free. Now, two years later and I have several ultras including the Himalayan 100 miler and SkyRun 100km under my belt. Not only did he get me back on the trails, he helped me understand so much about my body, its capabilities and weaknesses, which have made me a better runner today!”

Bryony McCormick, Freelance Travel and Sports Journalist. Website


For five years Iain has kept me running healthily and with steadily-improving performances. As a mature long-distance runner I have been prone to a succession of injuries and physical limits: with the appearance of each new one, Iain has risen to the challenge by drawing on his remarkable diagnostic knowledge and intuitive, common-sense approach to treatment. Iain’s support has been a critical factor in my progression from a Sunday morning jogger in 2010 to a Boston Marathon qualifier in 2017. He deserves a finisher’s medal for getting me speedily, happily and healthily across the line each time!

Richard Saunders (3:38.30, October 2015), Associate Professor, Author 


I have consulted Iain over an 8 year period with numerous complex sporting injuries. And I am a mid-50 busy sportsman. His diagnoses were spot on, his professionalism impeccable and every session resulted in resolution.
Iain is a friggin champion.

Vernon Collis, Engineer Architect 

With Iain I have walked a journey that involved
• learning all there is to learn about what is injured (personal engagement)
• seeking to understand how the injury occurred, and why it would have occurred the way it did (using diagrams etc. (diagnostic))
• describing options to remedy the problem (prognosis)
• treating the injury
• educating me about rehabilitation and recovery, with the option to come back after a time to review
I have constantly been impressed by Iain’s desire to develop his knowledge in the field and beyond and by the range of treatment methods that he has successfully employed over time.
Iain has persisted in cases where the condition had become chronic, till there was marked improvement towards healing (a knee and calf in my case). (The personal touch makes all the difference to sustain the treatment)
I have, over the years referred a number of family and friends (and taken my athletes) to Iain and everyone has only the highest praise for him.
In a way, in Iain, we have the closest thing to a medical specialist in physiotherapy (the Dr House of Physiotherapy!)

Mark Jacobs, Lecturer and coach