Physio Consultations, Online

Why Online?

Physiotherapy is a ‘hands on’ profession, so how can you assess and manage injuries online? 

There has been a marked shift in Physiotherapy practice over the last 20 years with the evidence base moving away from manual techniques and electrotherapy modalities, and towards structured rehabilitation and exercise load management.  With the correct technology, this works extremely well in an online format and there is extensive evidence to support this. 

Our combination of intelligent, injury specific webforms, video special tests and live consultations ensure excellent diagnostics. Based on this, your Physiotherapist will explain the diagnosis and plan via a live video chat and 

You will be sent your personal rehab protocol and exercise load management strategy specific to your needs. This will be accessed via Physiapp, with high definition exercise explanation videos, exercise tracking, pain monitoring and direct messaging to keep in touch with your Physio. 

Not everything can be managed online, so if we feel that you need to see a health professional we will immediately guide you in this regard and you will be refunded 100%. If you you are not totally satisfied with our service and have been compliant with your rehab protocol we will refund you. 

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How it Works


Choose the plan that suits your injury or situation


Detailed assessment using multiple interactive formats


A full explanation of the diagnosis and plan


Rehab, load control, tracking and follow up


Education and ongoing rehab to prevent recurrence

Commonly Managed

If you are concerned about wether your injury or issue is suitable for an online physio session, please do not hesitate to reach out. Below are some of the things we commonly manage

Our Team

You’re not stuck with a single Physiotherapist. The joy of the online approach is the ability of our team to liaise, giving you access to our diverse and extensive collective knowledge base. Full client confidentiality is maintained at all times.


Which of the following best suits you?


Perfect for mild injuries or ongoing niggles that you would like to understand and manage 


Suitable for more longstanding injuries that are having a significant impact on life and sport 


Suitable for post surgical rehabilitation programs or severe injuries that will require long term intervention


Currently, No. South African Medical Aids do not have the requisite coding in place to support distal sessions. We are currently in negotiations with the requisite powers that be 

Yes. All of our physiotherapists are fully registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as well as the South Africa Society of Physiotherapy 

Your assessment and management is treated as if it were an actual appointment and we do the utmost to ensure client confidentiality. Access to client information is strictly managed and we believe it is less accessible than in a traditional practice setting. In the event of knowledge sharing regarding cases, client confidentiality is maintained by not utilising names. 

Not everything is suitable for online management so if we feel that you would be better suited seeing a health professional rather than utilising our service, we will refund 100% of your fee and make the recommendation. If you are dissatisfied with our service and have been fully compliant from an exercise and rehab perspective, we will likewise refund you. 

As soon as you have paid, you will be redirected to the online assessment form. If you complete this before 12:00, you will receive a same working day (before 17:00) reply with Physiapp access and additional questions and assessment videos.  By the next day we aim will try and schedule a video call to discuss the diagnostics and plan of action moving forward. The entire process is seamless! 

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